To SFC *,
I do not know why you targeted me that day, so long ago.  If you just had a sexual need, or a more twisted fetish to hurt a woman while you got your kicks.  Did you consider it “just sex”?   Did you want me to die?
You did not know me except for what you saw of me on duty.  You did not know that I had a husband that I loved very much, we had been high school sweethearts.  You did not know I had two blond baby boys at home waiting for me and needing me to take care of them.  You did not know anything about me at all.  You probably didnt even know my first name.  All you saw was a female body.
You did not know why I was in the Army.  I did not join the military to be a sex toy to men like you.  I was struggling to mold my body from a mother into a soldier.  I struggled to leave my children behind to train.  I was struggling to provide a good life for my family on my low-rank paycheck.  I was struggling to fit in with people who did not respect me.  I was not an all-american-hero like you.
Did you think of me at all after you left me injured, wounded, used and broken in that dirty old barracks?  Can you possibly conceive that all these years later I still suffer from that day?  That pain can still exist?  That my body and soul were scarred forever?  That there have been times that I have wanted to die to turn off the memory of you strangling and raping me?